ACR is a church on the move!

Please join us at:
363 Woodland Parkway, San Marcos

(the Seventh Day Adventist Church) at 10:00 AM. More information and a MAP for directions.



A Special Note from the Bishop

Please read it here.

Anglican Church in North America News Round-up, November 2016.

Resurrection Sunday

Celebrating the Resurrection! Easter Sunday morning at 10:00 A.M. - brunch follows.
Easter Lilly

ACR Newsletters:

Our previous newsletter featured an article on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and another vestry profile: read it here.

What We Do:
Fr. Bill found this useful explanation to what we do with the Word and Sacraments: A Rookie Anglican Guide...

When we started the new church year Fr. Bill shared a wonderful short video explaining the church year. Take a look: The Church Year

Do you know what it means to be Anglican?

ARDF: What does it mean to be Anglican? from ARDF on Vimeo.

The Way

Our way is to be people who try to balance our focus and energies upward to God, outward to the world around us, and inward to the members and ministries of our Church. We are a local church with national and international connections, united by common forms of worship that are both ancient and modern.

The Truth

We are built upon the Truth found in the revelation of God and His love for us described in the Bible. The truth is that we are not a perfect Church, yet we are learning to trust Jesus Christ and follow His guidance.

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The Life

Our Life attracts members from all parts of North County. We have families and singles, newborns and seniors, college students, military, visitors, new & long-time members, and those from various church backgrounds. Yet, with all that diversity, we enjoy one another, sharing our lives and our faith.

Recent Sermons

April 2, 2017 – The Last Sunday in Lent

Posted on Apr 07 2017, Pastor: Fr. Bill Gandenberger

March 26 – The Fourth Sunday in Lent

Posted on Apr 07 2017, Pastor: Fr. Dennie Eisele

March 19, 2017 – The Third Sunday in Lent

Posted on Mar 24 2017, Pastor: Fr. Bill Gandenberger

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363 Woodland Pkwy, San Marcos (Seventh Day Adventist Church)